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Top 10 guide to buying property in Nigeria

Congratulations, your savings has accumulated to a huge sum of money and rather than spend it all, you thought “why not invest it? Why not start securing my future and that of my kids?” A better way to do this is to invest in real estate and purchase a landed property in your name?

However, with the dubious nature of Nigerians, the once easy process of securing property safely has now been made more difficult and complex than a Rubik’s cube.

How do you then get the perfect property that best suits your taste without having to deal with the good for nothings whose sole aim is to rob people of their hard-earned money dubiously? It is quite simple, take the following guides, and all will be well:

  1. Research
    This is the most important aspect of purchasing property or doing anything at that. Conduct numerous research to be well acquainted with the happenings in the real estate sector. If done well, you become well informed about which areas are good, how much land costs in certain areas, and so much more. This way, you can smell a red flag ten miles away.
  2. Budget
    Endeavor to be sure of your pocket power before deciding on what property to buy. If you intend to erect, say, a bungalow with limited funds, be sure to create a budget and purchase the things you need rationally. Don’t purchase an overly expensive land that takes up virtually all your money and abandon it thus creating another nice looking land for scammers to exploit.
  3. Know the type of Property you intend Purchasing
    There should be a reason as to why you intend to purchase a particular property, perhaps you want a three bedroom flat to make room for your kids, or you want a bungalow because you are scared of heights, whatever it is, be independent in making your decision and stay true to it.
  4. Have a Specific area in Mind
    Different individuals have different tastes and reasons for wanting to live in an area. I would love to purchase property in Obalende, Egbeda, or Ilorin for reasons best known to me, I know it’s completely different for you. Be it to be close to a relative or for the power supply, choose an area wisely and stick to it.
  5. Meet with House Owners in the Area
    Now is not the time to be excessively proud and uptight, you want to make acquaintances with the people in your intended area, ask questions about the area, get to know what places are the best to situate your property, who to deal with and who not to, and other related information.
  6. Have a backup
    The saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ reminds us of the need to have a plan B. What if things don’t work out as planned? What do you do? Switch to the plan B provided it is not a repetition of plan A.


  • Be Ready

It is never enough reason to purchase property just because all your peers are doing it, or your wife nags about it daily. If you feel you aren’t ready to purchase property, DON’T.


  • Transact With Trustworthy Persons Only


Although it is close to impossible to tell what a person is thinking accurately, it doesn’t mean you should try your luck with just anybody and see how it pans out. When you intend to transact with someone, make inquiries about him/her to be sure of how trustworthy the person is. However, it is best to go through middlemen such as estateg agents, for more secure transactions.  Search Nigerian Property Websites such as this one to ensure you are transacting with reputable property agents.

  1. Payment Method
    Endeavor to pay through banks when dealing with someone new, this way you have their personal information in case they decide to go rogue. Insist on bank transfers, cheques, and other similar methods.
  2. Verify, Verify, Verify
    Verify all the relevant title documents handed over to you to confirm their authenticity. The documents are the only proof that rights of ownership of the property have been transferred to you, hence should be kept safe and intact. Documents such as the certificate of ownership, Governor’s Consent, receipt of payment, survey plan, tax certificate, and power of attorney (when dealing with a middleman) should be well scrutinised to prevent heartbreaking stories in the future.
  • Bonus Point: Employ professionals such as lawyers and architects to help confirm the accuracy of all information and documents provided to you by the property owner. Lawyers employed will also be able to help you should any legal dispute relating to the property arise in the future.

There you have it! Follow the above, and you are well on your way to successfully owning your own property in Nigeria!